My Story

My Vaping Story

My name is Alexander, a 28-year-old male from Wisconsin. I started my engagement with smoking when I was a 19. It started casually and then when I became 20, I was officially hooked. I would consume at least a pack of cigarette a day for the next 5 years.

Trust me I was attempting to quit and managed to abstain at least a month on 2 – 3 times within the five years span. I tried many ways such as using nicotine gum, lozenges and mouth spray, but these did not stop my craving for smoking. These where not successful in at least lessen my smoking habits.

At the start of 2016, the effects of smoking on my health was beginning to show. I have a cough, got shortness of breath and not to mention the price of cigarettes went up. I really needed to find a way stop smoking perhaps divert it to other hobbies.

Then I was introduced to an e cigarette via an article that I read online. It was a nice article of a person like me who wants to stop. I thought to myself, how about if I get one. I did an online search and stumbled upon a site that is so informative that it was a big help for me in choosing my first vaporizer which was a volcano and mind you I love vaping so much that I purchase another one a herbalizer. The site even has an article on a herbalizer vaporizer vs volcano which was on point.

Vaping was great for me that it has some positive health benefits for me. My shortness of breath was gone, and I was able to smell and taste my food well. I was surprise how vaping has changed my life for good. They say there are hidden risks of vaping but for me as long as I am contented with it, I will be using it for as long as I can.